Half a Year Away – Nash (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As someone who I associate more with hitting tuned skins with specially tooled woodwork or even thumbing on percussive crates, Nash has a pretty good way with the whole troubadour thing. Did I say good…make that great. Generally the art of recording, especially when playing the singer-songwriter card is to not get too caught up in the potential of the studio, not to embellish too much just because you can, to be careful that you are serving the song not the ego. And Half a Year Away is the perfect example of how you do that.

Adding only peripheral sonics, the sort which seem to float around on the edge of earshot, which merely soften the edges and blur the sonic lines, the song is the perfect balancing act between what you imagine the live solo performance of this song to sound like and just the right additional studio tweaks and engineering techniques. Lyrically it is reflective and wonderfully vague, but then specifics are never going to be as beguiling as suggestion and allusion, and the vocals drift between intimate conversation and confident delivery. The core guitar is kept rhythmic and wilfully functional allowing plenty of room for the various additional textures to shimmer and chime out perfectly.

It’s a personal song but you will still find something for yourself that resonates within the lyrics, a line, a mood, a feeling, it might not be about you but it is something that you can still relate to. But at the end of the day it is simply a gorgeous song, one with no small touch of John Martyn’s hazy majesty about it, and you can’t ask for more than that really?

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