The Touch of Nowhere – N/SH (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Blending the sonic traits of the folk troubadour, the accessibility of the acoustic pop perpetrator and the authenticity of the singer-songwriter, N/SH makes music that is both perfect for today but which echoes with the sounds of the past too. It is a sound that is folk driven but like the music of so many defining artists in the genre, is infused and inflected with indie vibes and contemporary cool. It’s how the genre stays relevant…in fact, it’s what the genre must do to stay relevant.

The Touch of Nowhere has a wonderfully hazy air about it, the vocals encroaching on the cosmic sound of the West Coast pop of yore but the music itself is edged and etched with liquid electronica and cutting edge sonic pulses which help establish and underline the song’s modern credentials.

N/SH continues to work at the progressive end of the folk genre and it is songs like The Touch of Nowhere that will keep the genre, not to mention the artist behind it, moving forward into a bright new future.

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