Open Your Mouth – Maria João (reviewed by Marcus Kittridge

This record blends a very young urban sound with a very mature jazz delivery.

As a whole it reminds me of all the good European things that we in Britain have begun to distance ourselves from.

Multilingual vocals carry this record across the continent with a gentle ease. I can see this record being appreciated by a wide range of music lovers and collectors.

Piano works and rhythms integrate seamlessly and allow the vocals to move through the piece with both vigour and soul. Her collaborators bring great diversiyto the party. Excellent drums, electronica and keyboards all add to the overall sonic bandwidth.

This recording would sound equally at home at a large carnival or a Berlin bedsitter. It sends out genre splitting feelers in all directions and without being contrived it melds a thousand influences with a masterful technical class.

It may come from Portugal but this definitely aint Fado.

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