Ahead of his new album, Life For Now, Jru Anthony brings us this superb slice of sophisticated R&B. Or is it funky pop? Or psychedelic neo-soul? It doesn’t really matter, to be honest. Who worries about genres these days? All that matters is that Greenlight is a neat and sassy tune that has all the qualities to bother the pop charts and find favour with the more discerning soul fans alike. A neat and deft line to walk, indeed.

It’s a groover, that’s for sure. The backbeats and basslines might be played in a reasonably straightforward fashion, but they are compelling and infectious, thus proving one more time that it ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it, or put more musically, it isn’t about the number of notes or beats you play, it is about making sure that you chose the right ones. (Take note, rising artists, that’s how you do it.)

And then, once you have such a great and groovy platform, the lyrics don’t have to work quite so hard and so come across as laid back and conversational, smooth and delicate. By the time the song turns into a funky duet, it has won over even the hardest hearts. Sweet, sassy and sensational!

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