I said it before when talking about the previous album, Straight From The Soul, but Speedy2x is the sound of someone who knows where he sits on the timeline of music, someone who knows where he comes from musically but is looking to create the sound of the future. Someone tipping his creative hat to the past but with eyes fixed firmly on where he’s going.

And you can hear this all over Space Moon Goon 3, the acknowledgement of the hip-hop story and the rap commercialism it spawned. You can also hear it in the trap beats that drive much of the album, the use of technology to manipulate and mould the sounds found here. You can hear it in the agile wordplay that all such music owes a debt of gratitude. You can hear it in the cutting-edge song structures and those moments when the vocal deliveries slow down and head off into more neo-soul territory.

State of Mind lays the groundwork, a skittering and understated trap-driven slice of accessible Rap blended with more ambient electronica, chilled dance vibes and urban honesty. What grabs you is the vocal treatments. Many artists use studio technology to tidy up their sound, and balance their own limitations. Speedy2x actually uses it to create a whole new vocal style, one that is part human vocals, part slick, futuristic production. It’s not for everyone, but you don’t forget it in a hurry.

Under The Sun is both soulful and restless, an odd yet effective combination. Eye 2 Eye is spacious and atmospheric. And Pain and Suffering, a collaboration with Tu. Eaze, is full of nu-disco energy and pop punch.

Again, another great album, a blend of the fresh and the familiar, the old and the new, the what was, the what is, and the what’s to come.

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