Great Divides – Massy Ferguson (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

I’m not generally one for surprises, the thought of arriving home to a dark house only to be confronted with a bunch of friends armed with peanuts and glasses of wine whilst shouting “surprise!” doesn’t really float my canoe but in music, it’s a totally different matter. Surprises are heartily welcomed, and Seattle band Massy Ferguson certainly did that.

I know you should never judge a book by it’s cover or a band’s genre by the band name but tractor manufacturer Massey Ferguson is so entwined with the world of agriculture that surely this is a bluegrass band right? Wrong.

At the heart of the music lies Country but turned up a few notches, throw in some rock vocals and guitar-driven songs and you’re a little closer to the type of music you’ll get, and it’s a welcomed change from the hundreds of bands writing songs about love, journeys, heartbreak and drinking whiskey until the dawn.

The songs can sometimes be a little samey and choruses are often repeated once or twice too often but who cares, this type of music is meant for driving with the windows down and singing along as the miles sweep past. It’s a view of middle America from the outsiders point of view, the stories overheard at the bar and thrown against a rocking beat, at times delivered with the energy of Nickelback  and at other times with the knowing glance of Bruce Springsteen.

Impressive stuff and further proof that the best packages are often complete surprises.


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