If you’re in the mood for some rip-roaring bluegrass country music that will get you slapping your thigh within minutes, then look no further than Toronto five-piece Union Duke. Their sound is a mix of banjo, guitar, fiddle, bass, mandolin and percussion all served up on a platter of pitch perfect vocal harmonies that adds to the atmosphere of being at a live show where the dance floor is jumping and the whiskey is being served by the barrel.

The album’s success comes down to the fact that, although immediately accessible and likeable, it’s not until your second or third run through that you appreciate how good the songs are, the intricate moments within the arrangements, both on the instruments or the impressive lyrics, slowly reveal themselves as the songs take hold.

Within the folk rock, bluegrass and the tunes that conjure memories of lazy summer evenings with your friends lies a gem of a song in ‘Reminder Song’ that should be gaining radio play, it’s infectious and as catchy as anything you’ll hear on the country stations.

This is the third album from Union Duke and definitely worth a listen, but remember to give a few times, or else you may just miss out on your next favourite band.

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