British born but now well established on the Minnesota live circuit, Katy Vernon neatly entwines the roots styles from both sides of The Atlantic with infectious, ukulele driven pop.  Like Rod Stewart on the cover of Atlantic Crossing , only in much more sensible footwear, she has a foot in both the Old World and The New and is able to blend European folk with the country jaunt of her adopted home. Throw in a touch of breezy brass…jazz style, a dash of rock guitar and no shortage of effortless fun and you have one of the most instantly likeable songs you are going to hear this year.

The ukulele is a tricky instrument to get right in mainstream music. Too many pop kids have picked it up for reasons that don’t reach beyond gimmick and have delivered a series of identikit pop-pap. This is not that. At the other extreme artists have tried to tap in to its Hawaiian origins and use it to reimagine romantic ballads and heart aching earnestness. This is not that either. What this is, in fact, is the instrument being used in the most perfect way possible….being used to make fun, frantic, upbeat, infectious and ultimately adorable music. Four strings good…six-string bad, as George Orwell might have said!

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