Music is made for many reasons. Often, it is made to entertain, as a means of escape, to be throwaway, frivolous and fun. But it can also inform, celebrate, spread a message and serve a higher purpose. It is to the latter purposes that To All Who Serve dedicates itself, standing as a tribute to all of those who put community and country before themselves.

As a worship leader of 25 years, Edward Tonini understands the power and poignancy of people coming together to give thanks, and this song is a community anthem to that end. And although it comes from a place of worship, of course, it is a song that crosses all creeds and cultures, all faiths and politics, and is simply a thank you to those who dedicate their lives to others, health workers and protectors, from the highest office to the humblest action.

Musically, it is a song that sways with understated grace. Acoustic guitars chime as simple beats lead the way framing the direct and dedicated vocal message that Edward Tonini has to deliver.

It is a timely reminder to give thanks to those who keep us safe, past, present and future and is both an understated hymn and an anthem for our times.

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