Mr Fantasy – Pierre Lecarpentier (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Braindead offered us a wonderful view into the eclectic and adventurous world of Pierre Lecarpentier with tracks that wandered all over the darker end of the sonic spectrum. Mr Fantasy, his latest release, seems almost to do as much work within the context of just one song.

More focussed but no less experimental, Mr Fantasy, is what you would call a “slow-burner”, rising up from shaded minimalism woven of deft bass pulses and spacious piano, it gradually weaves all manner of tone and texture around it, from beguiling electronica, tabla percussion and strange synth washes to bombastic beats, searing sonics and incendiary guitar riffs.

But it does so gradually and organically, never forcing the point, always reaching the next dynamic plateau just when it needs to unleash the next burst of edge or energy.

If Braindead showed us what Pierre Lecarpentier could do when he was allowed to fire salvos off in all manner of generic directions, Mr Fantasy is an example of how creative he can be even when walking a dedicated and direct line. Some bands take whole albums to showcase the length and breadth of their sonic spectrum, it is so great to come across an artist who can practically do that in one song.

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