If you want to know how music, particularly rock music moves with the times, then you can do a lot worse than having a listen to the latest album from Revolution Engine. More than that, have a listen…and make careful notes. Blending classic, grungey rock with the urban edge of nu-metal…not that it is particularly nu anymore…poignant political sloganeering with music that feels like a real way forward, Revolution Engine could easily be seen as today’s answer to Rage Against The Machine. And what’s wrong with that?

There are old school anthems such as Fight The New Drug and there are slow-burning soundscapes like Burn Unit and then there are cool staccato rap-rockers in the form of Business Suite Bonfire.

If Nu-metal was just one path forward from classic rock, then this feels like the next step. Nu 2.0? Nu-Nu? Call it what you like but considering the state of the world today isn’t it about time that someone remembered the power of music to inform, politicise and send succinct and rabble-rousing messages across the global airwaves?

Yes it is, and yes they did!

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