From the gentle country lilt of Ready For The Road to the waltzing balladry of What’s Your Time Worth, Ryan Dart takes us on a fantastic journey through various country soundscapes and rootsy routes, folk byways and along some gentle rocky roads.

These Days is a slick and deftly composed slice of country rock, taking the poise of the former and the drive of the latter to create a wonderful hybrid sound and Love’s Gone Outta Style adds some even more buoyant touches to the album.

And at the other extreme, you have songs like Verona, a dark and delicious touch of three-four mastery and Shooting Star which exists at a point where country cool brushes up against deft, finger-picked folk delicacy.

So, essentially, Edge of The Wild is a country album but it reminds us of just what a broad category the genre is, not only reminds us but takes us by the hand and walks, wanders and waltzes with us across its gorgeous touchstones of tone and texture.


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