Just what the doctor ordered. After a morning listening to, formulating words and waxing lyrical about, hard and heavy rock music, much of which these days feels both unoriginal and unappetising, Gimme Gimme landed on my frazzled brain with some much-needed deftness and delicacy, a perfectly timed acoustic sorbet between the red-meat and stogey carbs of the rock and roll fare of the working day.

It’s pop, yes, but is so much better than such a word suggests. It takes its inspiration  more from the lighter end of the indie spectrum, has clever nods to more modern folk artists, and combines the dreaminess of …well, the aptly named dream pop sound… with something built with much more structural integrity.

The result is a neat and infectious song, one that reminds us that indie music isn’t the bastion of cool, that rock music isn’t the be-all and end-all that its acolytes think it is, that folk music can merge and move to a more modern beat and that pop music can be both sweet and smart if only it chooses to be.

And on a personal note, thank you, Brooke Surgener, your timing was impeccable!


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