Fata Morgana – Goldie (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Anyone who writes a song in homage to a Werner Herzog film is okay in my book. It shows not only obvious good taste but a desire to write about something other than the same old shallow topics which seem to clog up the charts these days, someone who thinks outside the box, someone looking to do their own thing. It is fair to say that Fata Morgana is the sound of an artist doing their own thing.

Here, Goldie blends folky acoustic with electronic beats to make a new form of folk music…folktronica perhaps…but it is more than just the style that is appealing here. There is a sort of pent up energy and restlessness inherent in the song, a gentle hypnotism and an almost arabesque feel to the music as it lilts across the landscapes that the accompanying video provides.

Then as it seems to be heading to its conclusion, it throws in its final surprise and a swirling violin is woven around and through this wonderfully understated song adding even more mystery and ending this intriguing song on a gorgeous sonic high.

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