Dirty Little Thing – Brittan Church (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

With a title of Dirty Little Thing, you sort of know what to expect going into this song. Old school rock and roll, cheeky lyrics, low-slung guitars, crashing riffs…a good time song about a good time girl. And that is exactly what you get. What you don’t expect though, given that this isn’t exactly new territory for making music, is just how good the track is. Again this is an example of music made using very familiar building blocks but the band finding something great to build with them, not new or revolutionary, just better than most of the competition.

If you were looking where to file this in the musical family tree this is rock not metal. I would also go as far as to say that this is modern day rock and roll rather than rock. The difference, rock and roll has a certain swing to it, a certain back beat kick which is groovesome rather than weighty. It’s what makes, say, AC/DC a great rock and roll band and Foo Fighters a solid rock band and I know which side of the divide I’d rather find myself. Dirty Little Thing…great little song.

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