Compromise – Wendy Halo  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Compromise takes a slice of old-school soul and a whole bunch of modern beats, dance floor grooves and no small amount of confidence and attitude to create its sound. But that is just the starting point. Throw in a neat rap break and a lyrical message about making sure that you are the equal in any relationship, and empowerment in general, and you have the perfect pop song for today.

It is this balance between the familiarity of the classic soul-pop sound and the cutting edge sonics of the modern pop vibe that makes the song both easily accessible and sound fresh and forward thinking. The clever thing is that even with such a strong lyrical delivery, there is enough space between the backbeats and the bass pulses for things to really percolate. And it is here that some interesting musical textures, sweeping strings and half heard harmonies build up to provide an intriguing platform for the song to sit on.

Soulful and modern but imbued with just enough of a nod to the sounds of the past. Sounds like a winner to me.

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