Better Before – Leeza (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

So much music these days uses technology to hide its failings, compensate for things that are lacking in the artist’s own musical repertoire. It is both the blessing and the curse of the modern world. It means that almost anyone can make music, which is as much a good thing as it is bad. If you don’t have a great voice, autotune is your friend, it can solve most problems which in itself is a problem. But it also means that when a singer does come along with a great voice, it stands out a mile from the competition. And Leeza certainly has a great voice.

Just because you make pop music doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the sound, though many do. Better Before is certainly a pop ballad, one which employs soulful vibes and gentle r&b grooves, but what is so refreshing about the track is how natural it sounds. Leeza’s voice rings with the classic authenticity of some of the past greats, touching on everything from 70’s soul to 80’s pop to 90’s R&B and on into the modern era. The track is spacious and understated, the production slick and the end result is a song which sounds like a future classic even from the first time you give it a spin.

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