With the sun streaming through the window as I put pen to paper, Falling seems like the perfect music to have drifting through the room as I work. The perfect Balearic banger…as I believe the kids say…a real slice of sunshine made into music, warm welcoming and wonderful.

Musical it ebbs and flows between sky-searing crescendoes and subdued lows, it builds through heady upwards dynamics and drops away into serene and hypnotic lulls. And on top of this, you have a gorgeous and infectious vocal to soothe you.

Falling wanders a world lit by the neon-soaked glamour, of up-market nightclubs and halogen glare of illicit, downtown, basement parties; a world where the fashionable and the favoured dance side by side with the cult clubber and the discerning dance floor diva. It’s a world where many roads cross, where futuristic beats weave through the past glories of house music history, where the seasoned dance music fan embraces the hedonism of rave culture, where rhythm isn’t just a dancer, it is the very heartbeat of the artists making such music.

It’s a wonderfully hypnotic house blast and it never strays too far from its beguiling singular vision, it draws its digital trappings around it, sometimes moving towards sonic highs, other times throwing curve balls and relaxing the energy, all the time making its way towards its final destination, a destination which if it was a physical place could equally be a late 80’s Manchester happening, a 90’s Ibiza beach party or even a cutting edge Euro-dance club of the here and now. That’s the charm, it bridges gaps between the past and the present whilst looking to the future and that’s a great thing for music to be able to do.

The perfect dancefloor filler, the perfect beach party anthem, a club classic in the making, house heaven on a stick. Well, it would be if the clubs were open and people could get back out and celebrate but we’re getting there.

So for now you will have to have a literal house party. Move the furniture, invite the neighbours and throw a few crazy shapes with this as the anthem to the evening. If you can’t get to the party, create your own. And Jacob is here to help. Simple!

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