With his latest single, Lefteris Sampson weaves together hot dance floor beats and funky grooves into an infectious clubland track that both slightly nods to the past but, for the most part, has its eyes fixed firmly on the future. And the result, a classic electro-pop track for the here-and-now.

You Gotta Love Her is a song about love at first sight…more properly lust at first sight…and the lyrics depict the instant infatuation that the narrator has for the girl that he wants to make his.

The song is sparky and full of life, oozes summer vibes and reminds us that life is not just for living, it’s for loving too. The groove might be a classic sound, a blend of funky bass and dance beats, swagger and energy, hot licks and cool moves but the way it is all put together tells us that the future of dance music is in safe hands. Very safe hands indeed.

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