Euphoria – aceyxngcxspxr (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If you are one of those people who think rap music doesn’t move with the times then this is the track for you. To be honest, it is so far out in front of the rap pack that we probably need a new name for what is going on here. Future-hop, trip-electro, cosmic dance…it doesn’t really matter, names are not important, it is sonic action that counts.

It’s a fairly brief song so the fact that aceyxngcxspxr (and no, I don’t know how to announce it either) spends the first third of his track building up a cinematic intro and raising the tension before diving into the song proper, is both a brave move and an effective device.

When its trippy, trappy groove finally kicks in, his street narratives are unleashed, the salvos of words and wisdom delivered, the blends of bass pulses and intoxicating electronica dropped, the wait has made everything all the sweeter. What a tease!

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