Dripology, Vol. 1 – CEO Chino Marley (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Driven by a combination of an inquiring mind and a desire not to fall back into the dark days which have shrouded his own past, CEO Chino Marley delivers us an intriguing album. All throughout Dripology, Vol. 1 you can hear him taking hip-hop, rap, R&B, trap and even more mainstream pop sensibilities, apart and putting them back together in intriguing ways. That same curiosity of understanding how things work drives his lyrical explorations deep into the undercurrents of society and examines the human psyche and the state of the world whilst blending these questions and comments with his own inspirations and aspirations.

Make ‘Em Believe is a charged mission statement, driven by skittering percussion and depth-charge bass bombs, Pressure is a suitably dark and claustrophobic narrative and High is a sky-scraping and euphoric anthem.

Dripology, Vol. 1 is a cool collection of tunes, one which not only says a lot about where the artist is today, it also tells us a lot about where rap music is heading.

Link to the Mixtape:


Social media links:

CEO Chino Marley: https://www.instagram.com/chinomarley1k/

Sspiketrap: https://www.instagram.com/sspiketrap/

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