Strength n Dreams – Hazeline Taffe (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Strength n Dreams is exactly what it says on the tin, so to speak. A two-track release, one titled Strength, the other, you guessed it…Dreams. Why don’t all artists make this uncomplicated? Anyway, Strength is a cool, mid-paced tune, a light, pop-infused, ska driven, reggae groover, one which ticks enough sonic boxes to keep the die-hard reggae fan engaged but which also uses its sun-kissed positivity to broaden the appeal to a wider, more mainstream audience.

Dreams takes an all together different tack. A soft, smoother, heartfelt ballad, one which is imploring, engaging and oozes emotion. It has an evergreen quality in that its chamber pop charms and neo-classical grace could have been recorded anytime from the 50’s right up to the present day.

Hazeline Taffe has given us a neat little package which displays both ends of her own musical spectrum, both in song style and her own vocal range. Two cool songs, one neat musical package.

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