Downstream Motion – Rêver (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Some music is like a gemstone, shining with different colours which shimmer, shift and change as you angle it into the light. Such music offers so much to so many different tastes and its ever shifting nature means that there is always something new to find with each listen. Downstream Motion is music of that type.  

It comes on like a long lost dream-pop classic but then asserts its modernity by laterally slipping into more chilled electro-pop vibes presenting vocals that are effected almost to the point of being glitchy, disembodied to the point of being alien and otherworldly, and then gradually wrapping more and more gossamer-light, digital textures around it as it moves along. It is spacious and relaxed, yet carried along by constant beats and glacial-cool melodies. 

One play reveals it to be the unashamedly here and now, the most cutting edge of futuristism, another play shows the dream-pop vibes and soul grooves that it is infused with. A further play sounds mainstream and utterly commercial, the next the neatest and elitist underground slice of alt-pop imaginable.

But that is the great thing about music, it can be all things to all people, it allows our passions to clash in disagreement or cry out in unison in support of a common cause. Rêver seems to make music which will always confound the listener to a point that no one will probably ever agree what it is all about. But for me, that is the whole point. Any music designed to last has to have this quality. Downstream Motion has it in spades.


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