Adelina – Mr MooQ (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Now what? Sorry, that sounds sort of aggressive. I mean, what now? (To be said in soft, excited and slightly amused tones.) It’s the only correct response to the sight of  a new track by Mr MooQ making a graceful landing in the digital review pile. Because the only thing that you can expect from this eclectic artist is the unexpected, the only thing definite is that things remain undefined, you just have to say, “hold my coffee*…I’m going in.”

Adelina sees The MooQster in reflective mood and the song he gives us this time is a deft blend of latin grooves and desert vibes, a Tex-Mex murder ballad narrative played out to the sultry swagger and beatific beats that are only found south of the border.

In fact rather than coming off as a sort of sound track to a movie, Adelina feels more like a song which instigates one. A movie about love, loss, longing, heat, humidity, horror, revenge and murder…not to mention the anguish of walking through a desert with all those small stones and sand in your boots. That’s enough to make anyone turn to such heinous actions.

As always Mr MooQ gives us not what we expect but instead what we want, even if we didn’t know we wanted it. All we have to do now is wait for Tarantino to buy the script to go along with such a cool soundtrack.

*beer, if you are reading this and are over the legal drinking age.

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