He doesn’t do things by halves does that Mr Lawton. Whilst most other musicians are using the current restrictions to add half-baked covers of songs I never really liked in the first place to the ubiquitous flotsam and jetsam that is modern, on-line music, he has  contributed something truly original, truly necessary and perhaps more importantly, totally beautiful! And perhaps it is the last quality which is the most important of all.

The concept is simple. He has taken powerful and poignant pieces of spoken word prose and poetry and wrapped gorgeous, meditative sounds around them using lilting and eloquent piano, and occasionally the chiming exotic sounds of the hang drum. Though, upon reflection, the concept is cleverer than it at first seems and in many ways it speaks of these difficult times in volumes directly inverse to the gentle understatements of the music itself. It speaks about finding archipelagos of tranquility in these mad moments, it speaks about what we have lost as well as what we have found in our new situations. It talks of the beauty that can be found in isolation and the price of freedom, it underlines our new found appreciation in simple pleasures and asks us to reflect on things that we may have taken for granted. It provides refuges of calm in a mad world, peace in the eye of a storm.

When this is over and we are all taking about how we used our lockdown, many can rightly claim that they used their time wisely, started new creative projects, caught up on reading, perhaps found the time to return to a passion from their formative years. Some may only have binge watched boxed sets and grown a beard. Few will be able to say that they created something of intoxicating beauty, something that hopefully helped those around him find a moment of retreat, to recharge and return to the fight refreshed. I know one man who will be able to say that he did something that worthy.


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