Dear Santa – Lynne Taylor Donovan (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Christmas songs usually follow some pretty tried and tested pathways. The imagery is usually of opening presents, of being surrounded by family, of food and cheer, of having and being grateful. Nothing wrong with that but in many ways it’s quite a selfish message really. And at a time when the world seems to be in ever more turmoil and division, when the gap between the haves and the have-nots seems more pronounced than ever, maybe a more realistic message, a more basic reminder needs to be heard and that is exactly what Lynne Taylor Donovan has done with Dear Santa.

It’s a gentle message, one that reminds us that it is the act of giving rather than the value of the item, that kindness, understanding and love are actually the more important gifts. It is something we already know but often need to be reminded. Dear Santa is a charming and poignant ballad, one that subtly does its work through the clarity of the message driven gracefully onwards with only the minimal of musical accompaniment. Once the carols have been sung, the silly seasonal sing-alongs have put a smile on your faces, the presents have been opened and everyone is full of food, give this a few spins and absorb its lyrics and remember what the true spirit of Christmas, and indeed humanity, is really about.

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