Tennessee Whiskey has become a standard of the country genre since it saw the light of day on David Allan Coe’s album of the same name forty years ago. But a great song is a great song and why wouldn’t an artist want to cover something as sweet, sensitive and emotive as this?

Chris Stapleton might have provided the best-known cover of the song, slowing it down to draw out its emotions and heartfelt qualities, and it is in this vein that Lynne Taylor Donovan offers her rendition. And in doing so it proves to be the perfect blend of balladic sensitivity and sweeping country cool.

Not only a great showcase for her elegant voice, but her version also gets the blend of tragedy and redemption just right, obviously through the lyrics but also through the deft swathes of music from which the song is woven. It was always a great song and not only does Donovan keep its spirit alive, she adds something new to its sonic history, which is everything you can ask of an artist in such instances.

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