It isn’t enough to be inspired by classic song writers of the past, you have to bring something new to the table as well. Fail to do that and you end up making music which at best sounds dated or at worst plagiarised. Thankfully this is a fine line that Israel Stone walks with ease  on Game, able to create music which emulates some of the classic artists of pop past whilst at the same time delivering a sound which feels totally of the moment, up to date, anticipating the latest fad or fashion and even running ahead of the current musical trends.

This is more than just urban pop music chasing an existing audience, this is music creating a new sound and so attracting a whole new and unique set of followers and fans. By blending an easy pop accessibility, hip-hop infused grooves, futuristic electro trappings and a lyrical delivery that lands both confidently and smoothly on the listener Stone has created something that not only hops styles and blends genres but which sounds like a whole next step in the evolution of pop music. Some musicians follow the pack, others beat trails through new musical landscapes without ever bothering to look behind them to see what the competition is up to. Israel Stone is definitely in the latter category.

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