Cuervo – The Graf – Botsford Experiment (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Party anthems come in many shapes and forms. Some are indeed club floor fillers, obvious but usually throwaway party tunes designed to deliver one saccharine, sugar-rush high before being discarded and forgotten. And then there are songs like Cuervo, a party tune which is the opposite to everything which I have just described. It takes the form of a lilting and upbeat, folk-pop tune infused with a singer-songwriter vibe. But its greatest trick is just how infectious it is given its minimalist nature.

The trick is, I guess, to choose exactly the essential sonic ingredients and so armed use those to paint confident and sparing sonic hues across the musical canvas. And that is exactly what the Graf-Botsford Experiment does here. Rather than try to fill every available space with a musical trick or an acoustic gimmick, Cuervo is the sound of someone getting the basics right. In fact, it is the sound of someone getting the basics so right that they need to add very little else to the proceedings.

Taken from the long-awaited album Life’s Journey, Cuervo shows the real deftness of song crafting that the duo have honed between them, a deftness which in the case of this taster and teaser takes, what in the hands of many, would be just another acoustic pop song and turn it into a life-affirming, infectious and understated future classic. And you don’t stumble across that ever day, I can tell you.

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