Chit Chat – Stuntboi Nard (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Stuntboi Nard hasn’t got time for your chit chat, his time is too precious, he has more important things to do with his life. That’s the message at the heart of the aptly named Chit Chat. Taking his trade mark trap grooves, skittering percussion running over depth-charge bass pulses, he lays out his sonic mission statement, using deft raps and fluid lyrical flows. And it is perhaps the passion in his voice, a blend of unadorned truth and rasps of reality which makes his deliveries feel all the more authentic, all the more part of the rough and tumble of the street.

And the rawness of track is underlined by the cool video which accompanies it, a tale of double cross and redemption, doing the right thing in the face of danger, of getting on with the serious business of navigating life’s pitfalls and dangers.

There is an honesty to Stuntboi Nard which seems to seep up through him from the tarmac and paving slabs that he walks along, the words hit home hard because they are the voice of those who have to walk those same sidewalks and streets, those alleyways and avenues. This isn’t a game, this is real life.

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