The Star Spread Indefinite Album – Mike Gale (reviewed by Marcus Kittridge)

What a beautiful start. Go Help starts with a simple electronic drum rhythm that evokes wistful memories of Young Marble Giants. Overlaid with gorgeous acoustic guitars washing over the rhythm and carrying a relaxed vocal line to its dreamy conclusion.

Nothing is rushed on this record and it will always be a calming refuge for those times when the world gets a bit too skittish.

It oozes well-being and lifts the mood throughout. There are vocal echoes of the softer sides of Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev without being in any way derivative.

Summer, summertime and all things summery are the recurring themes across this record. Capturing this feeling on a recording will ensure that this collection of songs will get many an outing and I can imagine listening to it with face pressed up to the window on a determined rainy day exactly as it is as I am listening right now.

Right to the very end the calmness wins out and as the final track comes to a close you find yourself deposited gently and softly to a nicer feeling place.

Very uplifting.

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