Crow Imput Holy Gospel – Jamit (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It’s been an unprecedentedly strange year by anyone’s standards and at any other time the idea of a crow seeming to provide the vocals for an incendiary and wonderfully hypnotic dance tune would be a cause to raise at least one eye-brow. Not this year. But also because the tune in question comes from Jamit, an electronic composer known for not only pushing musical boundaries but smashing those boundaries down to ground level and using the pieces that remain to build unique musical collages and even whole new sonic landscapes.

Crow Imput Holy Gospel is no exception. An unrelenting and hypnotic electro-frenzy of beats and euphoric energies, repetitive and spiralling in on itself almost to the point of being trance inducing and peppered with both the sounds of the cutting-edge studio environment and found sounds from the natural world. Now that’s new, even for the Jamit-brain.

There is something primal about the dark furrows that his music ploughs and for all its array of electronic creativity and synth sensations, brooding, pulsing beats and alt-dance floor altercations, the music seems also to be shamanistic, primal, the voice of the depths of the earth itself as filtered through digital mediums.

Such music may seem like the signpost to the future but there is a lot about it which is also an echo of the past, a very distant, dark, forgotten and disembodied past. How great is that?

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