There is something wonderful going on in Jamit’s music, and for once I’m not talking about the sonic intrigue and or the out of the box approach to alternative dance music making, we will get to that shortly. It is a more holistic thing that says something about the turning of the modern world. The fact that he, in Australia, and his long-time collaborator Kroissenbrunner, in South Africa can collaborate and conjure music not only through cutting edge technology, but through technology which day by day is making geography and distance irrelevant, is awesome. It may not seem like anything particularly radical on its own, but the fact that their are thousands, perhaps millions of musicians and other creatives, collaborating this way, is an indicator as to just how the world is changing, shrinking and bringing people together. Musical collaboration used to require you to sit in a room with your fellow artist. Today, a decent broadband connection means that you can work with anyone, anywhere in the world. Welcome to the future.

This time out, the results are a more gentle affair than some of the previous sonic salvos, but it has many of the usual hallmarks, the spoken word vocals, the hypnotic groove, the strange waves and washes of electronica which breeze through or burble away in the cracks between the beats. There is an attention to detail here, a constant layering up and down of electronic textures which keeps things intriguing, scattered sound palettes delivering sonic hues and motifs which seems as transitory as they are mesmerising.

The modern word changes at an unprecedented pace and music is as much a part of that as anything. First we put paid to musical tribalism, learned to ignore genres, then we realised that music could have its own realm, away from the live stage and in an easy to access form downloadable right into your house. Now it seems it is the vast distances separating like-minded artists which are being eradicated. Welcome to the world of collaborative Geo-dance music!

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