Loco Loquita – PJ Sin Suela x Jorge Drexler (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Well, this certainly wasn’t the place for me to put my very elementary Spanish to the test. Why? Because unlike many rap songs which opt for a very simple lyrical delivery, Loco Loquita is actually a smart set of lyrics. Very smart. Arising out of conversations about why performers who are prepared to take the stage and perform to thousands of people still resort to the same cliched vocal crutches, PJ decided to explore the idea through a song whose lyrics not only get to the heart of some of the issues, and do so from a fairly academic point of view,  but also makes and interesting point through the clever use of the same E sounds in the lyrics.

This first single from his debut album is a collaboration with Jorge Drexler who lifts the clever lyrics off of the page and turns them into a dexterous vocal flow. Throughout the song violins wash, cellos bow and brood and flutes fly, vocal counterpoints and harmonies are mixed and matched and the beats are spacious and perfectly placed.

Okay, the exactly lyrical glory is lost on me but even I, with my smattering of Spanish, can tell that there is something really great going on here.

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