Covid 19 Lockdown – Time For A Spell – Marnee Mayhem (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

You can’t stop the music maaan! A sentiment as true when it was first uttered by a stoned hippie up to his ankles in mud at Woodstock (probably) as it is today. And even in these times of lockdown, when the collaborative process of making music seems to have been thwarted by this necessary isolation, music finds a way, with a little help from its more recent friend technology. And as if to underline that point, Marnee Mayhem have put together a little Covid related ditty to help remind us of the normalcy we are craving a return to and to help keep us sane in the meantime.

It is perhaps only at times when we are forcibly housebound such as this that we truly appreciate life and the liberties and opportunities that we are allowed and the song certainly reflects this idea. Moving from a stomping sing-a-long, a fist in the air, jump on the sofa, dance around the coffee table sort of groove (well, space is limited at the moment) it finally explodes into a reminder of what we have to look forward to once we have, as they so eloquently put it “knocked this Covid sucker off!”

It’s a lot of fun, it is a way of letting loose that pent up energy, of staying sane and getting through this any way we can…and that, for the moment at least, is what it is all about!

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