Party Pants – Party Pants (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Depending on how you view things, Party Pants is either a slice of modern pop distilled to its most basic essence or it is the best parody you have ever seen. It might even be both, which makes it even smarter than it first appears. Take it seriously and you have an addictive pop anthem, one which has all the right grooves and beats, is annoyingly infectious, in a good way, and which will have you singing along whether you want to or not before it hits the halfway mark. Look at it with a more cynical eye and it uses its tongue in cheek (pun intended) lyrics and brash, throwaway, Day-Glo style to shine a light on everything pop has become.

I’m going to go for the latter, given that Party Pants declares himself to be both a “Seduction Master” and a “Post Millennial Role Model,” and also feels the need to make the disclaimer that he has “no affiliation whatsoever with the fruit or watermelon industry.” I guess either way you look at the single it is clever, you have to give it that. It is either giving people exactly what they want or it is making fun of those same people, or perhaps both. On further reflection, I suspect the answer is somewhere in between. Pop was never made to be taken that seriously and maybe this is all just a bit of fun after all. Party Pant’s himself is clearly having the time of his life, we should follow his example.

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