Double Down – Misfit (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If some rap artists seem happy to just re-invent the past and others try too hard to build new versions of the genre as a way of penning future musical chapters, Misfit seems to take an unexpected third route. Double Down is the sound of now but the sound of now being done differently. Differently because there is something interesting about the amount of space employed and rather than it being used as a negative factor, as perhaps a lack of something, it is used more as a musical instrument in its own right.

For it is within these spaces that anticipation and excitement is generated, in the pauses between the beats, in the fade outs between one lyrical salvo and the next, it is this which allows everything to have the time to percolate and do its work more effectively. And it is this less-is-more approach that reveals hidden depths, the tinkling pianos, the sci-fi electronica blasts, the occasional bass pulse, all of which work better because they are framed by this constructive emptiness.

Double Down doesn’t sound like what has gone before, nor does it seem like a break with current tastes and that is why it is so hard to describe just where it sits on the musical time-line of urban music fashion. Maybe it’s best to just stop thinking about it is such academic terms and just go with its wonderful musical flow.


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