Cost of Doin’ Business – Fifth (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

You can see where Fifth is coming from. The same place as the likes of Tupac and Jay-Z pretty much but as I always say, not all music has to re-write the story of music or create new genres, sometimes it is good enough to take an established style and just do it better than the competition. And that, in a nutshell, is what Fifth does on Cost of Doin’ Business. And if he is wandering some familiar sonic pathways, he is doing more than just treading water. Much more.

His lyrical delivery is full of confidence, the music is minimal enough to make the vocal point the focal point and there is a wonderful blend of casual beats, trippy electronica and a great use of space. As I said, it’s a familiar sound but it is also much more than re-inventing the wheel, here it is more about fitting said wheel with a new set of treads, jacking up the suspension and taking that particular sonic vehicle for a spin around the block, all the while leaving tyre marks on the road and making enough noise to wake the neighbourhood. Comfort zones are good, but so is taking something familiar and making it sound like the first time all over again.

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