Bounce It Back – Mojo Mayne (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It just goes to show how broad a genre rap is that under such a banner, you can find street-wise, gangsters spitting angst and attitude ridden lyrics at one extreme and at the other something as euphoric, fun and infectious as Mojo Mayne’s Bounce It Back. Sure sometimes you want your super-cool, edgy urban warrior to tell it like it is but sometimes you just want a great party tune to let off a little steam to. And when you do Mojo Mayne is your man.

Bounce it Back is a buoyant bundle of fun, funky grooves are the order of the day, percussive crashes acting as sonic grammar to help structure the track, and a lyrical dexterity, natural vocal swagger and confident delivery providing the icing on the cake.

It is cheeky and cheerful, vibrant and full of life, the sound track to the best party or the most fun night out, titivating and perhaps a bit tongue in cheek but then you don’t have to take yourself so seriously all the time. This is certainly one of those times.

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