Tower Crane Towers – Tower Crane Towers (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I love bands with names that you can’t second guess. The Zombie Bikers From Hell could only be a rock band, similarly, He! She! You! Me! They! We! Us! OK?…could only be an indie band…probably from New York but play a record by Tower Crane Towers well, you could expect to be greeted with anything from Cocteau Twin-esque soundscapes to full on Doom Metal. Thankfully what does issue forth as you hit play is neither but instead a neat take on melodic, punky rock. A set of five songs which take the best of what each of those words suggests and blends it into some cool sonic salvoes. It has the weight of rock, the aggressive swagger and delivery of punk and the accessibility and infectiousness that only comes from understanding how melody works.

Cannon leads the charge, a fired up, incendiary way to kick off, and right away, for all the pulses of pop-punk running through their musical veins, you realise that this is a lot more switched on and musically mature than your average jock-rock or purile punk pranksters. Stockwell which was unleashed on the public at the end of last year is the perfect calling card for the e.p. the right blend of fist in the air euphoria and fist in the face delivery.

Worlds Apart proves that they can lean more on the rock melodies than the punk muscle when they want to, a instant sing-along and some cool guitar motifs threaded through a punkish soundscape. There Will be Rain wraps things up, ending on as high and highly charged a note as we came in on.

Tower Crane Towers is a cool collection of songs, a neat reappraisal of pop-punk and what it could be if it grew up a bit. Musically they are right where they need to be, too clever to sound like they are just going over punks past glories, definitely looking forward rather than back. Lyrically too they get things right. They may cover a lot of the same lyrical ground as past bands…then again, what is there new to write about and it’s better to be relatable than clever, right?…but they cover these ideas with lyrics written with a more mature pen and a sense of optimism and reflection rather than nilhism and angst.

They are keen to avoid labels and scenes so let’s just say that whatever you want to call the music they make and wherever they fit into the grand musical scene of things, Tower Crane Towers is worth 14 minutes and 50 seconds of anyones day.

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