Consumption – Comfort Cat & Friends (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As soon as I heard the track This, I thought that I was going to be presented with an album of busking style songs. Not that there is anything unprofessional about the production but there is a sort of ragged glory to that song.

But check out the full album and you realise that there is a lot more to Comfort Cat & Friends than this one track might suggest. Seagulls is a quirky music-hall reflection on the joys of being a bird, Worms feels like a strange take on some sort of European cafe jazz act and I am Married to The Rain is a gorgeously raw ballad where the understatement of the sonics only seems to heighten the vocal’s emotion and poignancy.

Note to self: Never judge a book by a cover and never judge an album by the first song that you stumble across.

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