Fantasy – Thrillchaser (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The real charm of Thrillchaser‘s sound is their ability to start with a smooth soulful take on modern pop and blend it with the echo of poised, synth-pop past. And with those sleek 80’s tones making a real comeback at the moment and the overall vibe of Fantasy offering mass appeal to dancefloor divas and pop-pickers alike, the song is going to be a real hit with a massive swathe of today’s more mainstream movers and shakers.

As a calling card for the forthcoming album, It Was Always Gonna Be Like This, it is very enticing indeed. Fantasy blends dreamy vocal-scapes with liquid pulses of bass and beat; keys chime and guitars gently wash and the whole thing is a fine blend of nostalgic tones and digital textures.

And all of these dream-like sonics are the perfect platform for a song about daydreaming and flights of imagination.

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