Circle Up The Wagons – Love Me In The Dark (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If there is a more powerful metaphor for protection against adversity in the great American story than the image of wagons being circled up to keep out wild beasts and perhaps even wilder men, then I don’t know what it is. And whilst Love Me In The Dark’s latest release is high in detail about a supposed journey across dangerous territories, risking all to find a better life, the important aspect of the song is that it is a couple who are facing these dangers together.

And so the song is both a wonderfully lilting slice of historical story-telling and perhaps a timeless analogy about the strength you find when you have something…or someone… special to keep from harm. Like much of their music, it is both sonically rich yet structurally sparing, emotive guitar work meshes together into a lovely, musically textured landscape, the beats are sparring and it is the blend of vocal harmonies which becomes the focal point.

Gorgeous to a fault and a great introduction to their music. All you have to do now is check out their eponymous album. Well, what are you waiting for?

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