Church Music – Music By Gestalt (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music by Gestalt is the perfect name for this wonderful project, gestalt being a word used to describe the process of a coming together of many different parts into a total which is much more than the sum of those individual components. I suspect all bands think that they are doing that but if you are three guys who listen to Green Day, dress like members of Green Day and who’s musical goal in life is to support Green Day…you pretty much know what your combined efforts are going to sound like. (Clue –  it sure ain’t Mahavishnu Orchestra!)

Mixing the worlds of classical, progressive rock, avant-garde, film scores and post-…well, post-everything really, Church Music is a gorgeous sonic meandering through cascading pianos, violins which seem to be trying to unify eastern and western music, skittering drums and bass notes which are simultaneously scattered and underpinning. It is like little you have heard before, unless you have ever thrown the complete works of Phillip Glass down a flight of stairs, recorded it and then edited together all the really cool bits, and even then that only is a casual signpost rather specific map co-ordinates to this strange sonic location.

It seems to wander between conformity and chaos, classical grace and post-rock mayhem, spacious minimalism and musical structures about to collapse under the weight of the intense music being piled on them. I have no real idea what’s going on, I only know that I love it. And that is all you need really.

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  1. Hey Dave, thanks for the review! I was reading it and unsure of what was going on, but it all are together in the end; just like the music itself! It was a joy to read, and I was surprised to be laughing as I went along. Let’s stay in touch!

      1. Glad you enjoyed the review, I do tend to ramble off on tangents but it usually comes back and makes a valid point by the end.

        Yes, please stay in touch now you know where I am, always happy to write about music as unique and unexpected as this.

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