When you listen to Wayz latest release, Machine, it might seem to just be a stream of the usual braggadocio, just another rapper counting his money and waving success in everyone else’s face. We’ve seen that all before. But Machine is actually far cleverer than that and deals with the idea that society and us, the small cogs in that system, have just been turned into money making machines to keep the corporate mill turning at full speed.

Have we been programmed to forget our former selves, desensitised to what it actually means to be human, do we just dance to the cash till ring? Wayz suggests we have and we do. And the clever thing about Machine is that alongside his dexterous raps and confident delivery, the music that he uses to drive his ideas has an industrial quality, the skittering sounds of the production line, a robotic and non-human edge.

So the question is, should we measure our self-worth just by how much money we make?  Hmmm…interesting!

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