Cangrejita – Jonaz (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I guess the term that we are looking for here is multi-media. It might seem to be a bit of a go-to, buzz word loved by middle management and TED talkers, but what better word is there for someone who releases not just a video to promote their latest single, but a video game too? Cangrejita is a cool slice of latin dance pop, high-octane, energetic, relentlessly euphoric and totally in line with modern tastes. Interesting then that the video game, and in part the  graphics from it which breeze through the video from time to time, are about as 80’s as you can get.

But the 80’s are cool again, I guess, Stranger Things and Ready Player One have seen to that so why not surf the retro vibe. Especially if you are going to do so with this much fun.

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