As the singer-songwriter vibes collide with the full-on rock and roll sonic wave, what emerges from this event is a song which embraces both genres in a wonderfully retro sort of way. Not in the way that most people do in the current climate, adding a few 80s synths to the melody to surf the circular zeitgeist, this feels different. This feels authentic.

As Todd’s soothing and supple voice floats across the solid guitar rhythms, beats which both pound and punctuate and hazy backing harmonies which help create a sort of West Coast hippy vibe, this seems like the real deal. If you told me that we were listening to the recordings of a man who rubbed shoulders with the likes of CYN&Y,  Jackson Browne and perhaps even the minor deity which is Joni, back in the day, but who never got his break and so became a recluse in the wilds of Oregon, I’d have two things to say. Firstly, yes of course, that’s exactly what I imagined had happened. Secondly, do you know where I can get a coy of the album?


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