Caleb Nichols put himself on the map with Ramon in 2022, a critically acclaimed queer Beatles rock opera. Now, he’s tackling something of a more radical proposition — just 11 great songs, full stop.

“The singles we’ve released from Let’s Look Back have represented a lot of things, but mostly they’ve been about pain,” Caleb Nichols says. “In stark contrast to these, J’ai Vu La Lune! is a bop about queer joy! I’m using an exclamation point very pointedly here, because! It’s! About! Joy! And my experience of that, several years ago, literally riding my bike around on a warm autumn night, feeling the electric buzz of being in love with (almost) everything and everyone. “J’ai Vu La Lune” is about the capacity queer people have to be so very in love with the world: a joy that is so often born out of pain“.

Talking about the Music Video, he also comments: “The video “La Lune” was so much fun to make. It was a joy itself! We had a silly idea, which began at a party when I saw my friend Mike’s vintage Schwinn exercise bike. I thought “we have to use that in a video” and continued to dance. Then, months later, we were in front of a green screen, figuring out what we were doing. And it was a couple of silly days of shooting, with two nice lads (both named John) handing me random objects as I cycled through an animated landscape and lip-synced to my song. All the while, Millie (the dog) sat in a chair across from me and looked a bit tense. And Aaron (our drummer, and now our director!) shouted things like “tea! book! arm! cigarette!” It was a surreal couple of days, and I’m so happy with the result.”

In November and December, Caleb Nichols is performing a number of shows.
If you’re in the UK and France, don’t miss him!

Nov 22 — Glasgow, UK — The Old Hair Dresser’s
Nov 23 — Sunderland, UK — Pop Recs
Nov 26 — Nottingham, UK — JT Soars
Nov 27 — Bangor, UK — Pontio (Poetry Reading)
Nov 30 — Birmingham, UK — Dark Horse
Dec 1st  — London, UK — Matchstick Pie House
Dec 2nd — Lille, FR — Le Distro

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