There is a wonderful wave of ’90s nostalgia that runs through the music found on Colors of Youth, the latest cool sonic triptych from Sydney-based Jesse Judies. Not in a plagaristic or plundering sort of way, this is no mere pastiche of past glories, but just enough of an echo of that high point of indie rock that makes the feel and mood of these songs slightly familiar whilst they also come at the listener in a fresh and of the moment sort of way. The best of both worlds, for sure.

The titular open salvo sets the tone, a relaxed and gentle groove that acts as a platform for hushed and hazy vocals, a mix of solid beats and skittering percussion, eloquently pulsing basslines and guitars that are happy to serve the song rather than grab the spotlight. It’s a song that either acts as a reminder to play your old Beck albums or perhaps even sell those old Beck albums and fill that newly aquired space with Jesse Judies work.

The lead song comes with two other sonic travelling companions. Oumaumau, is a more direct affair, soul-licks inviting us into a beguiling indie-pop/neo-soul love in, a harmony drenched and riff-grooved slice of heavenly, sunshine sonics.

Just in Case rounds things off, and again another change of gear, this time into more metronomic, dance-rock territory a blend of rhythmic restlessness and chiming, and indeed charming, electronic motifs.

It’s a neat collection, and although I opened with the idea that there might be something slightly in tribute to certain sounds and styles of the past, it is not where this music comes from, which is the talking point here; it is where it is going. And where is it going? well, into a bright new future, I’d say. And you know what, I’m going with them. Are you just going to stand here, to are you coming too?

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