Burned – Leslie Austin (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Soul Music never goes out of fashion, it seems to be able to move with the times, finding its way into every successive era and across all genres of music. Burned is the sound of it being wound around the core of a modern pop song and the results are as wonderfully accessible as they are heart-achingly soulful.

Pop may be the master of melody but Soul is the queen of the groove and Burned exhibits both elements to the maximum. There is even room for a blistering blues guitar salvo as the song reaches its crashing crescendo for good measure.

The song may lyrically be about betrayal but it is also a testament to triumph over adversity, with Leslie Austin relocating temporarily from her L.A. base to her hometown of Dallas in the midst of the pandemic. With all sources of revenue lost, she was determined to carry on making music and progressing in her craft. Burned and an Ep to follow are the results of this singular dedication to her chosen path.

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